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Making Connections for 30 Years

Pioneering growth with strategic partnerships and investments

Polar was founded in 1993 by NedMark Transportation Services, with limited partners Southern Air Transport and Polaris.

The company’s first scheduled service flight departed New York on May 13, 1993 – the leased Boeing 747-100 touched down in Ireland, Moscow, Hong Kong and Columbus, Ohio, before returning to New York.

On July 4, 1994, Polar was certified as a U.S. scheduled all-cargo carrier. That year, NedMark officially changed its name to Polar Air Cargo, Inc., taking on Southern Air Transport’s initial role. Polar continued as the air cargo carrier for Polaris, while gaining new customers.

By 1996, Polar was recognized as one of the five largest all-cargo airlines, connecting every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

In 1998 Polar was fully acquired by GE Capital Aviation Services; during this time Polar expanded service grew its fleet to continue to help customers connect with new markets and grow.

In 2001, Polar Air Cargo was acquired by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings; and in 2007 DHL Express entered into a strategic arrangement with Atlas, with a 49% equity interest. Through the joint venture of these two very strong partners – Atlas, the world’s largest operator of 747s, and DHL, the leader in express delivery – Polar has grown into a world-leading all-cargo operator.

Over 30+ years, Polar’s fleet has grown from two leased 747-100s to the company’s owned all-Boeing fleet of including 747s, 767s and 777s. From a single scheduled service route in 1993, Polar now makes more than 120 weekly departures on scheduled routes, connecting the world’s major economic regions through Polar hubs and stations, and through interline partnerships in offline gateways. Polar also employs a significant trucking network to support customers’ needs.


Thank you to our valued customers and partners who have supported us through the years!

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AFLAS Awards 2023
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Payload Asia Awards 2022
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