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A positive impact on our world

Corporate responsibility, community support and sustainability are at our core at Polar Air Cargo; they are the building blocks upon which our business has been based since the earliest days. We are proud of our actions in our operations, in the community and within the industry, and we are unwavering in our commitment to focusing on our impact on the world around us.

Reducing Reliance on Fuel

Polar already employs two electric vehicles in HKG and two hybrid vehicles in LAX, and we continue to expand our reliance on non-fuel vehicles. In addition, we are working toward offering reports on the carbon footprint of specific cargo transport.

Reversing the Impact of Climate Change

From community and global donations to grass roots efforts led by our employees, including planting 100 trees at CVG and 300 trees to be planted in PVG over two years, we are taking steps to help the earth and all of its inhabitants breathe a collective sigh of relief. Each Polar office has plants incorporated into the workspaces and cared for daily.

Paperless Promise

Commitment to eliminating printed materials spans the entire operation at Polar. For customers, that means relying on digital tools and forms like eAWB and digital customs documents, which also drive efficiencies. From digital checklists used via tablet in Ground Operations to a directive to no longer print reports in the finance team, we are reducing reliance on paper across departments.

Industry Involvement

Polar Air Cargo is a proud member of IATA and strives to help the industry achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition, Polar recently secured membership within Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), a collaboration between shippers, freight forwarders, and air freight carriers to track and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from air freight and promote responsible freight transport.

Humanitarian Relief

Polar is an Airlink gold level corporate sponsor, providing air cargo transport for rapid-response human relief to communities in crisis.

PPE Delivered

Polar flights carried PPE donations first from the U.S. to Wuhan, China, and then from China to cities across the U.S. for distribution to front line workers including doctors, nurses, EMT, police and fire fighters.

Environmental Education and Awareness

Externally, Polar uses the company spotlight to shine a light on the need for more support for the environment, engaging in education awareness via social channels and providing funds in support of international education movements around key days like Earth Day and World Environment Day.

Polar Bear Support

At Polar Air Cargo, we have a real love for Polar Bears and their habitat. We provide support for research, education and efforts to maintain the Polar Bear population, and are proud to have symbolically adopted a Polar Bear in 2020 through Polar Bears International.

Veteran Support

Polar is proud to salute the military, especially veterans who have served their country. We engage across the U.S. through organizations like Soldiers Angels to provide meals, transportation to appointments and supplies to veterans who need a helping hand.

Internal Engagement and Education

Polar employees chose a Polar Bear named Poby to be the company mascot for “Greening” initiatives. Poby shares tips with employees on a regular basis to encourage environmentally-conscious activities at work and at home. In addition, everyone on the Polar team is encouraged and incentivized to share their own ideas to operate the business in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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