Our Fleet
Polar’s modern, reliable fleet is centered around the highly efficient Boeing 747-400 freighter, the industry benchmark for operating performance in the intercontinental air freighter market due to its cost and capacity advantage over other freighters. The 747-400F model, providing nearly half of the world’s total freighter capacity, features a nose door for outsized cargo and a large side cargo door for 10-foot-high (3m) pallets, giving Polar the capacity to handle shipments of widely varying sizes and volumes, and to deliver goods to hundreds of markets around the globe with consistently high quality.

Our fleet is fully certified to operate under conditions of very restricted visibility and are 100% Stage III/Chapter III compliant – so cargo gets delivered even in bad weather conditions and at airports with stringent noise restrictions. Polar is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety throughout its operation, and is the only U.S. all-cargo carrier to have all of its aircraft equipped with the Traffic and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).

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